A clean, simple and powerful recipe manager web application for unforgettable family recipes, empowering you to curate and share your favorite recipes. It is focused on simplicity for the whole family to enjoy.


  • Manage your favorite recipes
  • Import recipes from around the web
  • Digitize paper recipes
  • Organize your recipes into cookbooks
  • Works seamlessly with Nextcloud Cookbook
  • Automatic conversion to your preferred measurement system (imperial/metric)
  • Calculate nutritional information automatically
  • Print any recipe in your collection
  • Prevent your device from going to sleep while viewing a recipe
  • Follows your system’s theme (light/dark)
  • Cross-compiled for Windows, Linux, and macOS

Getting Started

The installation instructions are written in the installation section of the documentation.


Contributions are always welcome! Please open an issue, start a discussion, open a pull request or send an email at macpoule@gmail.com. The same applies if you have any feedback or need support.

You can also join our development and support channel on the Matrix space: #recipya:matrix.org. Matrix is similar to Discord but is open source.


I am grateful for any support that helps me continue to develop this project and to host it reliably. Your sponsorship will help me pay for the SendGrid Essentials plan to increase the number of emails that can be sent. The free plan currently used allows sending up to 100 emails per day.

You can sponsor me on GitHub Sponsors or Buy Me a Coffee.

Your support is greatly appreciated! A third of donations will be sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine 🇺🇦

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This project was mainly coded to blasting the following albums: