v1.0.1 (11 January 2024)

v1.0.1 (11 January 2024)


Users can now log in when the server.isProduction key in the configuration file is set to true and the server.url key’s value uses the HTTP protocol.


Users could upload a file or a zip file and the server crashed. It is now handled.


A nightly Docker image with arm64 support has been added.



The degree symbol has been standardized for temperature conversions.


The scraper module has been refreshed to keep it up-to-date.


The mob.co.uk website has been removed because the recipe’s script tag in the scraped HTML contains invalid JSON. The json and yaml libraries unfortunately cannot decode the JSON.

The nutritionbynathalie.com website has been removed because it cannot be scraped anymore.



Many users would mix keywords with categories. Therefore, a recipe can now have up to one category rather than multiple.


Fixed a bug where user 2+ would see the recipes of user 1 when accessing the / or /recipes page.


Removed the strikethrough when the user checks an ingredient.

Nutrition per serving

The nutrition facts are now displayed on a per-serving basis when importing a website whose nutritional information is provided per serving rather than per 100g.

Under the hood, the NutritionSchema.Servings field must be a number represented as a string. If the field is empty, then the nutrition will be displayed per 100g. Per serving otherwise.