August 23, 2023·reaper47

I am thrilled to present the official website for Recipya! This recipe manager project is focused on simplicity and ease of use. It is meant for the whole family to use and enjoy.

You might wonder why I created such application when there are loads of them on the market already. The reason is that none of the solutions satisfied me. They were either too slow, difficult to install, had too many features I don’t want or need, or the website was not to my liking. There are no recipe managers written in my favorite programming language, Go, either. So I decided to give it a go (no pun intended) and create one of the best recipe manager programs out there. The road ahead will be challenging and long because the other solutions are much more mature than the state Recipya is in now. However, I do believe the effort will pay off.

Thanks to Go, you can rest assured that the software is well-tested, solid, easy to read and maintain, and simple to build and install. Development should be straightforward. Please read the developer guide if you wish to contribute with code.

Today’s main goal for the project is to move towards the v1.0.0 milestone. The issues left to complete before celebrating the first official release on GitHub.

Thank you for reading! If you believe in this project, then feel free to lend a hand. The community guide explains how you can help. You are not required to know how to code 😊