The Future is Now

The Future is Now

January 2, 2024·reaper47

Behold your trembling kitchen for Recipya has been officially unleashed into the wild!

I am pleased to finally show the world the recipe manager software I have been working hard on since my first commit in May 2021. You might ask why another recipes manager when we’ve got Tandoor, Mealie, Paprika, Grocy, Cooklist, Grossr, and a whole lot more? The answer is simple: none of them satisfied my needs. Either they weren’t free and opensource, had too many unneeded features, their frontend was slow, or they were too hard to install. Although I do have to admit Tandoor recipes is the king after having discovered it a few months back.

And thus I started this ambitious project in Go. The goal was to create a simple, clean and powerful recipe manager my whole family can enjoy. As with every other such solution, you can add recipes to your ever-growing collection of recipes, create cookbooks, view and print recipes. One big feature that differentiates Recipya from the others is its measurement systems module. Essentially, the software can convert all new recipes to your preferred measurement system, either the insatiable imperial or the mighty metric. Gone are the times when you convert all your teaspoons and cups to grams. Another powerful feature is the website scraper. Most other solutions are written in Python and thus use the hhursev/recipe-scrapers package to import recipes from around the web. As there are none written in Go, I decided to create my own from scratch. It is extensively-tested and fully supports 264 websites at the time of this writing. Another cool feature of Recipya is the automatic calculation of the nutrition facts per 100g when adding a recipe. Check out the feature tour to learn everything the software can do.

Please give it a try! No worries if this software isn’t for you :) The easiest way is to try the demo. Other ways include installing the v1.0.0 release locally or with Docker. You can follow the installation instructions.

And this marks the beginning of Recipya’s journey. Contributions are encouraged and welcome. The roadmap is available here. Thank you!