Experience the Rising Mountain

Experience the Rising Mountain

March 28, 2024·reaper47

Raise your swords high towards the eternal sun as we emerge victorious from a monumental battle! We march back home to our tavern to celebrate the end of these dark days. Booze and moose awaits. As we sip our seventh beer, we notice a glaring light from the kitchen, initially ignoring it. It shines brighter and brighter, so bright that it’s blinding us. We stand up, swords at hand, walking drunkenly towards the source, only to discover something out of this world. The blinding light fades away the closer we approach it, revealing an unknown, thin, rectangular box. We rejoice as the screen displays “Recipya v1.1.0 is now available.” Jared, did you catch this? Recipya v1.1.0 has been released!

A monumental, meticulous attention has been given to the user interface. You will notice how much nicer and responsive the improved interface is compared to v1.0.0. You can now disable account registrations if you self-host an instance over the wire. You can also automatically login if you do not intend to have more than one user account. Recipes can now be sorted and searched in various ways. Do you have text file recipes? If you so, then Recipya can import them. Please open an issue if the resulting import is off. The final highlight I want to mention is a self-update module has been implemented, which means you will be notified within the application once an update is available. How cool is that! Furthermore, the recipe scraper module has been refreshed to ensure that all sites are working as expected. Also, you can now scrape 28 more websites.

Please read the release notes to catch all the other free goodies this update brings!

Upgrading is simple. If you are using Docker, then please pull the latest image. Otherwise, download the latest release from GitHub and replace your current Recipya executable with the latest. Please ensure to backup your database before running the new executable in case something goes south.

Contributions are encouraged and welcome. A dev container has been added for you start writing code in no time. The roadmap has been updated and is available here. Thank you!