There are two types of data backups, each done once every three days. A maximum of ten backups are stored for each type, resulting in the oldest backup being one month old.


A global backup is one which saves the state of the database and all the images. It is stored under path/to/recipya/data/backup/global/.

Its structure is as follows:

        • recipya.db
        • {uuid_1}.jpg
        • {uuid_2}.jpg
        • {uuid_…}.jpg
        • {uuid_N}.jpg
  • User

    A user backup is one which saves the state of a user’s data. The following is saved:

    • Recipes
    • Cookbooks
    • Shared recipes
    • Shared cookbooks

    User backups are stored under path/to/recipya/data/backup/users/{userID}.

    Its structure is as follows:

      • {uuid_1}.jpg
      • {uuid_2}.jpg
      • {uuid_…}.jpg
      • {uuid_N}.jpg
    • backup-deletes.sql
    • backup-inserts.sql
  • Restore

    It is possible to restore a previous backup. The instructions on how to do so depends on its type.


    Restoring a global backup is done only by the one who has access to the server.

    1. Close the application
    2. Navigate to path/to/recipya/data/backup/global/
    3. Unzip the backup your wish to restore
    4. Replace path/to/recipya/data/databases/recipya.db with the one from the unzipped backup
    5. If applicable, delete path/to/recipya/data/databases/recipya.db-shm and path/to/recipya/data/databases/recipya.db-wal
    6. Delete path/to/recipya/data/images/
    7. Move the images folder from the unzipped backup to path/to/recipya/data
    8. Start the application


    Restoring a user backup is done through the web application’s user interface.

    1. Access the settings page
    2. Click the Advanced tab
    3. Identify the Restore backup setting
    4. Select the backup date
    5. Click the rocket launch icon