You can update the image of a cookbook as well as reorder the recipes.

Update the Image

Click the image of a cookbook to update it. You will be then prompted with the operating system’s file picker to select and image.

The cookbook’s image will be updated immediately after selecting the file.

Reorder the Recipes

You can reorder the recipes in a cookbook. This is useful when you want its recipes to flow in a certain way. For example, you might want all appetizers to appear first, then the lunches, and finally the dinners.

To reorder them, first open a cookbook. In the following image, we want to switch the position of the first recipe with that of the last.

Then, drag the page number of the recipe you wish to update. Once at the desired position, release the mouse. The pages will be immediately updated.

Switch View Mode

The cookbooks can be displayed in the following modes:

  • Grid
  • List

To display them as a grid, click the grid icon under your avatar.

To display them as a list, click the list icon.