Measurement Systems

Measurement Systems

Users usually adhere to one preferred measurement system, rarely feeling comfortable with multiple systems.

Within Recipya, you have the option to set your preferred measurement system. The ones currently supported are imperial and metric. Europeans predominantly use the metric system, while Americans favor the imperial one.

All options related to this are found under the Recipes side tab in the settings. To access your settings, click on your avatar in the top right corner of any page within Recipya. Then, select the Settings option.

Changing System

You can change the measurement system to your preferred one by selecting a system from the dropdown next to the Measurement system setting.

The default measurement system is imperial.

All of your recipes in your collection will be converted to the measurement system you selected. This process is automatic.

Automatic Conversion

Select this option if you wish to automatically convert new recipes to your preferred measurement system.

For instance, let’s assume you prefer the metric measurement system, and you want to import a delicious recipe from an American website. The website employs the imperial system. On import, the recipe will be automatically converted to metric if the Convert automatically checkbox is checked. Otherwise, the recipe will remain in the imperial system.